When Parents Look for their Kids

by Jason Finkelstein- May 8, 2012 • 5:37 pm

Since we’re a software company, many of us here at Safely have a bit of a nerdy side. We recently looked through some of the data we’ve collected from Safely Family Locator to figure out how parents use it to locate their kids. I thought I’d share a few of the interesting trends we’ve discovered.

Parents Locate Kids the Most on Friday, the Least on Sunday


Friday night is a big night out for kids (football games, going to friends’ houses, etc.), so it makes sense that parents would be more concerned about where their kids are then.

Parents locate their kids way later on Fridays, too. The number of locates between 12AM and 3AM is about 30% higher on Fridays than on Wednesdays.

It makes sense that locates would be at a weekly low on Sunday—there’s a lot of catching up on homework to do after weekend nights on the town.

Parents Locate Kids Most often from 12PM-3PM on Weekdays

Intuitively, it seems like parents would locate their kids the most right after school to find out if they’ve gotten home safely or arrived at soccer practice on time. However, according to our data, parents are most interested in knowing where their kids are during lunchtime.

I can think of a few reason that might be (checking to see if they’re skipping class to go hang out at McDonalds for one), but I’d be interested to hear your theories. Are you concerned about where your kids are during lunchtime on weekdays? If so, why?

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