What We Thought Was Hot and Not: 23 for 2013

by Erin Nelson- January 6, 2013 • 8:47 pm

We Safely folks like to work behind the scenes, writing code, designing apps, and generally making the world a better place, in our own way. But with the new year, we’re turning over a new leaf, and coming out from behind the curtain. Here we are (above!), wearing our Sunday best on a Friday. (Read more about Formal Friday below.) Well, some of us, at least. Actually, we number more than 175, in the US, Spain, France, and India. Some of us are parents (read: old and tired), some of us are just out of college (read: young and tired), and all of us are just as into tech, media, and gadgets as we are into rock-climbing, homemade pastries, and books (the paper kind!). And along with showing our faces, we wanted to let you in on our picks and pans for 2013, with links to what (other) experts say. 

So Happy New Year, from the Safely Family (programmers, designers, marketers, Ultimate Frisbee champions, passionate drinkers of coffee, devourers of food truck fare, science-fiction fans, “Downton Abbey” lovers, cookie-bakers, scarf-knitters, dog-owners, cat-fanciers …) to YOU!

Formal Friday Casual Friday
Google Maps Apple Maps
Walking Texting while walking
Android iOS
Data privacy Being owned by social networks
Snapchat Texting
Wearable computing Wearable meat
Decline of the British ruling class Threat of zombie apocalypse
Healthy school lunch Healthy school lunch (if you’re a kid)
Digital health apps Words with Friends
Healthy digital habits Constant connection
Fashionable flats 5-inch (and higher!) heels
Tablets Notebooks and netbooks
Bruno Mars Justin Bieber
Momastery Mommy Wars
Presence of mind Multitasking
Printing 3D versions of yourself Printing emails
Self-driving cars Texting while driving
Teaching through texting Teaching to the test
Cake pops Gourmet donuts
Dance Moms Hillbilly Handfishin’
Mega Run Angry Birds
Cell phone plug charms Indestructible rubber cases

Some of these have stirred up office controversy, so now we need YOU to weigh in. What’s going to be hot in 2013? And what’s not? Drop us a note in the comments!


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